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The Butterfly Website
The world's oldest and largest website dedicated
to butterflies and moths

The Butterfly Site
#1 Source of Butterfly Information on the Internet!

The Pollinator Garden
Smithsonian Institute

Butterfly World
Amidst thousands of flowers, tropical plants,
waterfalls, gardens, and classical music, Butterfly
World is a unique, breath-taking site that is one
of Florida's leading tourist attractions. Take
virtual tour of their gardens and look under "Join
the Campaign" for regional butterfly information.

Gardening for Butterflies
Article by Rose Franklin

Grow Your Own Monarch Butterflies
Article by Rose Franklin

How to Make Butterfly Gardens
Article by Stephanie Bailey, Extension Specialist
University of Kentucky Department of Entomology

An Introduction to Milkweed
Article by Rose Franklin

The Monarch Butterfly
A great information page on the Monarch Butterfly
and their stages of development

Monarch Watch

Moths of North America

Plants That Attract Butterflies
Old Farmers Almanac

The Red Admiral and Painted Lady Research Site

Save the Butterflies
Article by Rose Franklin

Iowa State University
Entomology Department

Butterflies and moths image gallery

Butterfly Gardening in Florida page of resources specifically
devoted to butterfly gardening in Florida

Butterflies of Southeastern Arizona

Butterfly Gardening in West Virginia


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