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Integrated Pest Management in Alabama

Planting Guide for Home Gardening in Alabama

Wildflowers of Alabama

The Amazing Story of Kudzu
An indepth look at Kudzu
includes positive uses for the pest!

Alabama Quick Facts | Encyclopedia of Alabama

The Secret Garden In Alabama You Are
Guaranteed To Love

Jim Scott Garden

Garden Club of Alabama

Bellingrath Gardens and Home
These internationally famous gardens include 65
landscaped acres with flower-lined paths, giant oaks,
sculpture, lakes and native waterfowl; numerous
specialty gardens, including a spring show featuring
over 250,000 azaleas. There's something blooming any
time of year.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Comprises 67 acres of flowers, trees and shrubs. More
than 230 species of birds can be observed. The gardens
also contain a conservatory housing more than 5,000
varieties of rare plants, and a Japanese garden.

Dothan Area Botanical Gardens
The Dothan Area Botanical Gardens, located on Houston
County Road 105, just off U. S. Highway 431 North near
Landmark Park, is 50 acres of partially wooded, gently
rolling landscape in southeast Alabama. The Dothan Area
Botanical Gardens seek to preserve the spirit and beauty
of the early southern garden in an environment that
presents native plants in an attractive balance with
traditional botanical garden elements. The Garden is
committed to the conservation of natural resources for
future generations by providing opportunities to the
public for beauty, education and research.

Huntsville-Madison County Botanical Garden
This stunning young botanical garden features the
spectacular 5 acre Central Corridor Gardens, with annual
and bulb, perennial and aquatic gardens, in addition to
daylily, herb and butterfly gardens, a Dogwood Trail, a
Nature Trail, a fern glade, a demonstration garden and a
reflecting pool.

Freeman Herbarium - Auburn
The Freeman Herbarium (AUA) contains approximately 75,000
vascular plants, over 3,000 fungi, 2000 lichens and 1,500
bryophytes. The herbarium is the largest in the state and
has been designated the state herbarium.

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