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UGa Dept of Horticulture

UGa Horticulture Publications

A collection of publications on horticultural crops
and plants grown in Georgia and the Southeast.

Forest Pests of North America

Native and Non-native insects, diseases, and weeds of urban,
managed, and natural forests

UGa Trial Gardens

Research, Teaching and Crop Introduction

Cooperative Extension Service

Departmental Extension Programs

Cooperative Extension Service

State Regions, Districts & Facilities

The Amazing Story of Kudzu
An indepth look at Kudzu
includes positive uses for the pest!

Georgia Botanical Society

Georgia Native Plant Society

Walter Reeves

(radio talk show host - Georgia)

Pecan Breeding Page

The Garden Club of Georgia

Georgia Christmas Tree Association

The Georgia Conservancy

Georgia Wildlife Federation

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Fernbank Science Center


Oak Hill and the Martha Berry Museum

Mt. Berry

State Botanical Garden


University of Georgia Greenhouses

The State Botanical Garden

This 313-acre garden preserve is often a site
for filming Gardening in Georgia.

Callaway Gardens

Another home of Gardening in Georgia
offers something for the vistor in
each season of the year.

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