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You've reached my personal home page and a guide to all my website pages, blogs, online stores, groups and miscellaneous spaces on the internet.

Some of you know me as

Gina Alfani,
DJ Dolce Vita,
Donita or

I love to write and have a wide variety of interests and love to surf the internet - gardening, music, web and graphic design, computers and the internet, cooking, crafts, politics, religion, animals . . . my quest for information, great websites and learning is endless.

Check out the site index for a complete listing of subjects on my web pages. Listed below are some of my webspaces and blogs including headlines of my latest posts.

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Mark this website as a favorite . . . my web spaces and blogs are updated daily, so visit often . . . they are always a work in process!

Check out my You Tube Channel . . . I love making videos, although it has
been a while since I've made new ones. More to come soon!

I'm in the process of updating this website. Look for lots of changes
coming soon!

This website is dedicated to the sweetest little girl ever . . . Miss Betsy

What's New?

We are back after Hurricane Irma knocked a tree down on our house . . . we recently moved back home, but so far away from being back to normal. Lots of work left to do!

Crows Nest Jewels is currently closed due to Covid19 . . hope to reopen soon!

Check out my sweetie's website . . . click on the pirate

A fun and entertaining website
by a true American patriot

Our furbaby family . . .

Aren't they beautiful?

My blogs & webspaces:


Subtropical Gardening

My food blog

Gina's Italian Kitchen

Gina's Music Memories

Check out my boards!

My Florida Paradise

Babyboomer Flashback

Fabulous Frugalista

Humor and laughs


My newspaper dedicated
to food related news
across the internet

My newspaper dedicated
to home and garden news
stories across the internet

My newspaper dedicated
to crafting and sewing news
stories across the internet
Click on the pirate to go to
my Captain's website.

Our paradise before it was destroyed

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May we never forget
the events of September 11, 2001

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